Pk Architecture has known Parker Brown for 20+ years. They are team players, always willing to work with everybody on the team in order to meet the client’s goals, quality conscious while maintaining budgets. They are the type of contractor who provide solution based construction with an eye on quality and client satisfaction.

Brian R. Poliquin, PK:Architecture

Parker Brown’s team was happy to work with American Greetings on their office build-out in Van Nuys. What started as a vacant 7,000-square-feet shell is now home to an office of this large American company.

We built a sound stage with white screens. We helped create a “green room” where the talent could prepare for the sound stage and other performances. The job also includes a kitchen and several offices.

We also built a canopy over the front door and created attractive window frames.

John O’Connor was our project manager and Bob Fitgerald was the supervisor.