I have known Parker Brown since the late ‘90s and I love working with them.   Their sense of urgency, dedication, and “client comes first” attitude is greatly appreciated. Most of all, I trust them and I’m confident my clients are in good hands with them.

Tom Dwyer – CBRE, Sr. Vice President

Twenty-five years is not a long time when you are talking about history, but it is significant when you are talking about the anniversary of a company. The SBA estimates that 66 percent of companies fail within 10 years. So forgive us at Parker Brown for feeling a sense of accomplishment as we enter our 25th year in business.

Our new logo

We have a new look. A new logo. And some refreshing changes coming to our website. We get comfortable in our traditional ways like anyone else, but this is the perfect time for a fresh look.

Our company began around the time of the devastating Northridge Earthquake. We learned a valuable lesson then that we have practiced ever since. Be fair with your customers. Be honest with them. And they will continue to do business with you. While other general contractors took advantage of the great need for work and shortage of contractors by raising their rates after the earthquake, we stuck with our standard rates for work. Some of the customers who hired us then are still with us today because we were honest and fair.

In fact, we take the greatest pride in the fact that an overwhelming majority of our work at Parker Brown comes from repeat customers. They come back to us again and again because they know we do the work right for a fair price.

We could not do any of this without a dedicated, talented and hard-working staff. It’s a cliché in business to say, “we are more like a family,” but at Parker Brown the cliché is true. We are a tight-knit group that works hard together and socializes together. Thanks to the people who make us great.

And while we are thanking, let us thank you – our customers and friends who have been loyal to us over the years. We have seen some booms and we have seen one major bust in the economic cycle. Through it all, great customers have sustained us.

Here’s to the next 25 years at Parker Brown (although we hope to be retired by then.)