Pk Architecture has known Parker Brown for 20+ years. They are team players, always willing to work with everybody on the team in order to meet the client’s goals, quality conscious while maintaining budgets. They are the type of contractor who provide solution based construction with an eye on quality and client satisfaction.

Brian R. Poliquin, PK:Architecture

This is shaping up as another record year for us at Parker Brown, Inc. We are enjoying the benefit of a rising economic tide for business the Los Angeles area, but especially in the San Fernando Valley.

“Parker Brown is working on several projects in the Valley, and the availability of labor at competitive rates is significantly better,” Parker said. “Parking is more plentiful for workers and there are many choices of suppliers in the Valley, keeping the costs lower,” Parker said, explaining the reason so many owners are choosing to start up or expand in the Valley.

“We are seeing demand from companies who need highly efficient offices,” said Parker Brown co-founder Scott Brown. “They are looking for shared office space, good telecommunications infrastructure. The workplace of the future is changing and we are building to accommodate those changes.”

The other pillars of the Parker Brown growth are government agencies and medical organizations. Both industries are expanding smartly and steadily.

However, one of our biggest current projects is a sign of confidence in consumers. Owners of the Victory Plaza Shopping Center are putting $4.5 million in a creative renovation of that center. Parker Brown already has completed landlord’s work on Chipotle and Blaze Pizza on the North Hollywood site. We have completed the new 18,400-square-feet ground up building for Petco. We have also start to revise the façade color on the adjacent Vallarta supermarket to tie the color scheme of the entire center together.